30. April 2022, 13 Uhr, HKW Berlin: Neuerscheinung und Book Launch

Annette Gilbert: „Literature’s Elsewheres. On the Necessity of Radical Literary Practices“. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press 2022.

What is a literary work? In „Literature’s Elsewheres“, Annette Gilbert tackles this question by deploying an extended concept of literature, examining a series of diverse, radical, experimental works from the 1950s to the present that occupy the liminal zone between art and literature.
She examines works that are dematerialized, site-specific, unique copies of other works, and institutional critiques. The cross-pollination of literary and art criticism enriches both fields. With „Literature’s Elsewheres“, Gilbert explores what art can’t see about the literary and what literature has overlooked in the arts.

Book Launch am Samstag, 30.4.2022 um 13 Uhr im Rahmen des Conceptual Poetics Day auf der Miss Read Berlin Art Book Fair im HKW Berlin https://conceptualpoeticsday.org/